Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful in Nowhere, Pennsylvania

My parents live in the middle of nowhere, not too far away from Philadelphia, but still in the intersection between nothing and no place.  I think the liveliest part of their town must be the Giant Grocery Store, where sometimes they have those really special coupon days..."Triple Off".  I'm not sure why my parents decided to retire here of all places, moving eight hours from where they had raised us as kids.  But then again, that town was also in the middle of nowhere.  I regret to say that I grew up actually knowing what it meant to go "cow tipping."

There is an old saying that the "home is where the heart is."  Thanksgiving Day is  day for all of us to go back home, be with our loved ones, and be thankful for all of the blessings in our lives.  So while my parents currently reside in Nowhere, PA, it is still the home that my siblings and me, and our own families, congregate every November.  Together on this day of turkey and football, we ate our full and took time to be merry.  We remembered to be thankful for each other and for our good fortune.  And true to form, we enjoyed the liquid meal as much as the traditional gobbler meal.

Of course, as much as those beverages helped us laugh and have a good time, we enjoyed most imbibing in our companionship and getting drunk on the love we all felt for each other.  Perhaps we should not need a day in the year to remind us specifically to be thankful for each other, but it is nonetheless a good day to have.

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